1. johndarnielle:

    I don’t live in Marion, and I may never get to McDowell Twin Cinema; my local theater, the Carolina, is just a few blocks from where I live, and it’s awesome. But I want to ask people who, like me, probably won’t get to go see a movie at McDowell Twin to dig into their pockets and keep this place around, and I’ll tell you why.

    The first movie I saw in a theater was The Wizard of Oz. (It was not in first run, I am eternal but I’m not that old.) I was five years old, maybe four. It was showing at the Fremont in San Luis Obispo, during the time in my life I’d come to think of as Before the Divorce. When Oz the Great and Powerful bellowed at the scarecrow, I ran screaming from the theater, terrified that he was going to hurt Dorothy and her friends. I told my parents solemnly that night that when I grew up I was going to marry Judy Garland. It fell to my father to tell me she’d died when I was two. 

    When the first Rocky movie came to the Village Theater in Claremont, I knew I loved boxing: I was ten. We were living with my grandmother up the street. I begged the cost of a matinee off my mom, who probably asked my grandmother for it since mom was still reentering the workforce, and I went and tried to follow the grown-up story on the screen and sat alone in the dark feeling quite sophisticated and worldly. That Bill Conti score. All that blood. Burgess Meredith’s face — his voice

    I have dozens of other memories like these - unimportant to, say, world history, but pretty important to me and to my life - and they all take place in small theaters like McDowell. I’ve seen movies in big multiplexes like everybody else, and enjoyed them well enough, but a good local theater is a beautiful thing in this world. I don’t have to live in Marion to know that the McDowell’s value can’t be estimated in terms of size or reach.

    I have over ninety thousand followers here on Tumblr. If half of you gave McDowell Twin a dollar, they’d be near their goal; if half of you gave a dollar-fifty, they’d exceed it by a good measure. If you can: please do. You may not personally reap any direct benefit. But I think of the young men and women in a small town who might dream dreams in the McDowell Twin, and I remember Judy Garland in the dark of the Fremont in 1971, and I think: these moments are worth making more of if we can.

    This is sentimental, I know. Still. Thanks for hearing me out, and for doing what you can!

  2. merlin:

    "I am…a bit."

    This scene has always bothered me because there should be a camera in the mirror and there isn’t. 

    (Source: m.youtube.com)

  4. cityofbostonarchives:

    Hancock Tower and Prudential Center from Charles River, circa 1970-1985, Peter H. Dreyer slide collection, Collection #9800.007, City of Boston Archives.

    Creative Commons License
    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.  Please attribute to City of Boston Archives and credit Peter Dreyer.. For more images from this collection, click here

    I think the image is flipped. The Hancock buildings should always be on the left in any picture from the Charles River (I think). The Prudential Center should be on the left (as seen above) only when approaching the city from the south.

  5. Bounty offered:

    Pictured is a Batman: The Animated Series black leather wallet with a steel, circular Batman medallion that I’ve carried with me since 1997. It’s a bifold wallet with a flap that covers the bifold section. I purchased it from the Warner Bros Store in Boston’s Faneuil Hall 16 years ago for about $50. 

    After 16 years, the wallet is beginning to fall apart. In the picture, the stitching around the medallion has gotten thin. On the sides, the leather is beginning to fall apart. 

    I’m offering $100 cash to anyone who can sell one to me. If anyone can point me to someone who has one of these wallets for sale, I’ll figure out a gift of some sort.


    1. Me: Just walked past Mitt Romney on Copley Sq.
    2. Wife: woh did you punch him in the nuts?
    3. Me: Um, no. The American people already did that for me.
    4. Wife: that's just lazy

  6. Not choosing sides in MS vs Sony, but...

    1. Co-worker: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWSIFh8ICaA
    2. Me: Yeah! Let's trust the company that took away the feature to run Linux on their systems halfway through the life of the machine! That'll turn out well.
    3. Co-worker: LOL
    4. Co-worker: Not taking sides, just saying. Funny commercial
    5. Me: I don't remember Microsoft removing features from the 360
    6. Co-worker: Heh, remember when Sony got hacked?
    7. Me: Yup.
    8. Co-worker: And their online features were out of commission for forever
    9. Me: But hey! They let you give plastic discs to people.
    10. Co-worker: You are such a buzzkill sometimes, lol
  7. Rainy day over Newbury & Berkeley. Fiddling with Analog app on iOS.

  8. Having a Churchill cocktail at Marliave in Downtown Crossing, Boston.

    This place makes me want to do my best Hemingway impression, namely, write a great story.

  9. I got one of these in my Love Interruption 7” single too. Wonder if they’re supposed to be rare or something.


    The card that was with my Love Interruption 7”. I can’t scan the bottom portion of the peacock picture but it says “Lot 975: Partially Leucistic Peacock (Pavo critstatus). The back portion contains an email between Robert Jones and Jack White. I find it incredibly funny that Jack’s email is supacracka@thirdmanrecords.com

    supacracka wtf

    (Source: sixteensaltines)